I’ve started this website to help you learn everything I have learning over the past year. I do not run advertising here, get paid for anything nor accept any benefits for this – its just to help you learn what I have. I went back and forth to Cabo probably 12-14 times in 2012 and always for about $145 total between parking, taxis, round trip air and the Cabo Transfer Shuttle. Crazy, I know. Prices have increased for the airline slightly, but wow is it cheaper then the USA.

Airline I use:
Volaris – go to Volaris.com or better yet, for better prices, join the club!

Otay Mesa Parking I Use:
More info on the parking page of this site.

Airports I fly from:
Tijuana to Cabo is coded: TIJ – SJD
Tijuana to Puerto Vallarta is coded TIJ – PVR

If you are going to Los Cabos or Cabo San Lucas then I DO have to make one recommendation – make sure you go fishing!  Fishing in Cabo is amazing and often a reason many people go to CABO in the first place! Where the two seas meet up (Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez) the water is a perfect area for fish to meet up, eat, live, breed etc. Many of the fishing boats there can be outrageous in price – they cater to the rich tourist. My recommendation is trying a Panga Boat – which is much cheaper ad trust me, you’ll get the fish you’re looking for. The ONLY Panga Boat company there I TRUST is called Sushi Time Fishing – you can find them on Trip Advisor (top attraction in Cabo) and also online at: SushiTimeFishing.com. Give it a whirl, you’ll love it and the fish is to dye for when you bring your catch in to a local restaurant to have cooked for you (Suggest Sashimi and Cerviche!) I’ll add the link to the side bar for you to easily find if you end up on another page of this site.

Also while you’re in Cabo – stop by Mendano Beach and give the bar/restaurant scene a try – the view is unbeatable, the water is clean and safer to swim in then other parts and the fun in non stop all day long. Don’t forget to wear sunblock at the beach and maybe bring a sarong (All Sarongs has them for 1/2 the price the beach vendors sell them for!!) as you’ll realize you need them after you get there- cash is also good and most of the bars/restaurants take credit cards too. Enjoy the sun Cabo servers up daily!

If it’s Puerto Vallarta you’re going to I suggest finding a small beach bar downtown called the “Sea Monkey” you’ll love it. Clean restrooms, waterfront seating (in the sand), and the cheapest bar drinks I have seen anywhere – no really! They are on Trip Advisor as well- go take a look.