I never risk leaving my car on the Mexican side of the border overnight without me there. Also, the other reason I do not use the airport for parking is the fact that it’s MUCH quicker to walk across than to drive across when entering the USA after your trip – so save a few hours and feel more secure about your vehicle by parking it in the USA.

You can park at CBX (they have a lot of parking lots with different rates, reasonable rates, so check their website https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/ or the parking page here: https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/parking

From my experience, if you’re going to park in Otay instead of at the bridge, I recommend Delta Truck Parking. Their website has good info about parking and making the trip to the airport very easy! While is it a semi-truck parking lot, they do allow for cars and passenger vehicles. The guys that work there are some of the nicest, trustworthy people you will meet on your trip!

About the Shuttles from Delta:

BORDER SHUTTLE – Should you choose to walk across (say you went on a weekend when the shuttle to the airport was not available) then you would use their 100% free border shuttle ( Available 24 hours a day!) to get dropped off at the walking path that leads you into Mexico. Very simple, free, and once across you have White Airport taxis waiting for you, they are fairly quick too. The cab costs about $12, tip is only expected if they go out of their way to help you with luggage. Most gringos overtip taxi drivers in Mexico.

CBX BRIDGE SHUTTLE (to CBX) – Should you choose to walk across the bridge, which I typically do now)then you would use their 100% free CBX shuttle ( Available 12 hours a day!) to get dropped off at the CBX bridge that leads you into Mexico. Very simple, you have to buy tickets at CBX.com or at the bridge. You end up crossing, going thru inspections, going to TSA, and right into the terminal where your flight it. 

RETURN SHUTTLE – Once you return from your trip, you’ll buy a taxi from the airport to the border (240 PESOS) or use the bridge to come back (hold on to your boarding pass, it’s required to travel across the bridge!). You walk across and then call Delta Parking to come to pick you up. They pick you up for FREE and take you back to your car in their secured lot. I recommend reading their site about the methods and drop off / pick up locations, but I can tell you that they are very quick when you arrive, often 10-15 minutes after you call. (they provide you a business card with the number to call – easy!)

Here is a map to show you how close Delta Truck Parking, CBX Cross Border Express Bridge, and the Airport are to each other. 

View Larger Map https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/