Volaris Airlines is the Mexican airline company that I travel on. They are similar to the Southwest airline company in the USA , but  Volaris is a much nicer and cleaner plane, plus you can choose your seat assignments when you buy your ticket, “Check-in” online 72 hours before your flight, for a small price.

Why I like Volaris:
1) Price. They have a club that offers excellent pricing and they seem to always be cheaper than AreoMexico for my specific flights.

2) Personal Bags are free – and that’s typically what I travel with. Just a backpack. If you have suitcases, the prices per suitcase (or carry on) isn’t too much. If you want to buy extra luggage online you can even add weight if your bags are heavy.

3) You get to choose your seat when you book the flight, or when you check-in 72 hours in advance online. There is a small fee for this as well.

4) They offer a menu to purchase snacks and beverages on the flights. Credit card or Mexican Pesos are accepted, no dollars, and they prefer exact change if possible.


Some things that make it difficult to use the airline that should be noted:

1) Language, on every flight I have been on there is at least one flight attendant that speaks very fluent English, if you don’t actually speak Spanish, many other things could be difficult, like calling in sometimes or when they need to contact you.

2) For my trips to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, they only have 1 flight a day. Miss it and well, you’re staying the night. (expected as there seem to be fewer then full flights every time I’ve been)

3) Every time I purchase a ticket using a USA debit or credit card, I get a call from my bank for Fraud protection. I think it’s more of an issue I have with the bank than Volaris, but it wouldn’t hurt if they accepted cards “in the USA” also as they offer USA phone numbers to call if you need a customer service rep.

Overall, I really like this airline. Combined with the ease of the airport in Tijuana makes for a very nice travel arrangement when flying in Mexico.